The Foundations of Microservices, 23 May, London

Presenter: Daniel Bryant, Chief Scientist, OpenCredo and CTO, SpectoLabs

The microservices architectural style is the modern approach to building scalable, highly available and easily maintainable systems. OpenCredo have been working with clients to successfully deliver microservices projects over the past 3+ years. This workshop provides a high-level introduction to the concept of microservices, and is suitable for developers, architects, QA specialists and operations staff new to microservices.

Key Learnings

  • Learn about the concept of microservices and why it is emerging as the dominant modern architectural style
  • Understand the connection between microservices, ‘cloud native’ architectures and DevOps
  • Develop the skills needed to determine whether the microservice architecture is appropriate for your use case and organisation

Workshop Outline

  • Understand the drivers and requirements of modern software application architectures
  • Explore the benefits and drawbacks of the microservice architectural style
  • Discuss common use cases for implementing microservices
  • Understand techniques such as ‘Context Mapping’ and ‘Event Storming’ to design service scope and responsibilities
  • Learn about the influence of “Twelve-Factor App” design principles for creating cloud native microservice
  • Understand the benefits of a typical microservices ‘chassis’ framework

Delivery Style

  • Mix of lecture-style delivery, and group discussion/whiteboard exercises
  • No coding required



Daniel Bryant

OpenCredo, SpectoLabs

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