Webinar: How to Create More Effective Storytelling by Leveraging Data

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How to Create More Effective Storytelling by Leveraging Data

August 25 at 5PM BST/11 AM CDT/9 AM PST

Presenter: Anees Merchant, Blueocean Market Intelligence, Senior Vice President – Digital

Today, dashboards have become the epitome for communicating important business data and performance metrics. Instrumental in helping organizations achieve corporate alignment around business goals and objectives, they enable faster decision making, drive data-driven business strategies and ensure ROI.

Yet, the road to building dashboards for effective storytelling is not always easy. Often organizations struggle to create the right visual dashboards due to missing links between the data and story, or the amount of time and budget invested, which digress from the main objective of the visualization exercise. Additionally, the approach to storyboard development has been traditionally flawed with just a focus on the analysis – not telling a broader story. Then, even after organizations fine tune their dashboard and align with corporate objectives, they can still find themselves falling down in terms of adoption.

In this webinar, Anees Merchant, Senior Vice President of Blueocean Market Intelligence, will share with attendees how to develop a strong practice around data visualization and structure effective processes for success. Anees will also share various best practices and mistakes to avoid so organizations can produce powerful, actionable dashboards that are intuitive and include insights that are easily interpreted by all stakeholders.