Mandie Quartly is the worldwide lead for Machine Learning and High Performance Analytics software in the IBM OpenPOWER Ecosystem team. In essence, her focus is the creation and growth of strategic relationships with key software organisations looking to enable end users to gain timely insights from their big data using IBM’s POWER hardware platform. Her background is Linux, Power Systems and High Performance Computing focused, specialising in the design and implementation of high performance Linux-based systems. Mandie has an MBA and a Ph.D. in Astrophysics.

PLENARY KEYNOTE: Data Science and Machine Learning Applied to Business Analytics: Financial and Retail Markets Use Cases
There’s a lot of talk about using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to gain business insights, but there are a number of key ingredients required to actually make it happen in a timely fashion. A vital element is the technology which underpins AI and machine learning applications. Come and hear more about “making it happen” for your organisation; learn how to take advantage of rapidly evolving and innovating technologies.

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