Dr. Arun Verma joined the Bloomberg Quantitative Research group in 2003. Prior to that, he earned his Ph.D from Cornell University in the areas of computer science & applied mathematics. At Bloomberg, Mr. Verma’s work initially focused on Stochastic Volatility Models for Derivatives & Exotics pricing and hedging. More recently, he has enjoyed working at the intersection of diverse areas such as data science (for structured & unstructured data), innovative quantitative & machine learning methods and finally interactive visualizations to help reveal embedded signals in financial data.

Extracting Embedded Alpha in Social & News Data Using Statistical Arbitrage Techniques

♦ Extracting actionable information in the high volume, time-sensitive environment of news and social media stories
♦ Using machine learning to address the unstructured nature of textual information
♦ Techniques for identifying relevant news stories and tweets for individual stock tickers and assigning them sentiment scores
♦ Demonstrating that using sentiment scores in your trading strategy ultimately helps in achieving higher risk-adjusted returns

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