Jordan Mizrahi is the CEO and founder at FIRST TO INVEST. Jordan has more than 12 years of experience in key positions in the chemicals and gas industries along with 15 years as a retail investor in the equities and currencies markets. He founded FIRST TO INVEST in 2017 to provide big data solution for financial services.

Jordan holds an MBA from Warwick business school along with an undergraduate degree in Management from the Open University in Israel. Jordan develop the first hedge solution against the volatile of LPG prices in Israel and his merit dissertation from Warwick business school was presented to the Ministry of National Infrastructures in Israel which implement his algorithm on their research on natural gas to the Israeli government.

The State of The Art in New Sentiment Visualization
Combining news sentiment approach and visual interactive displays, help end-users rapidly sort through volumes of companies’ news events to identify key insights faster and in easy to use, for any level in the organization. The visual analytics provide access to broader view on companies’ sentiment scoring, not just on a singular event, but rather of time-line perceptive, comparison to the competitors, sectoral and industry scoring and even markets differentiation.

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