João Gama is an Associate Professor at the University of Porto, Portugal. He is also a senior researcher and member of the board of directors of LIAAD a group belonging to INESC Porto. He serves as the member of the Editorial Board of several top levels journals in the areas of machine learning and data mining. He served as Program chair of several international conferences. His main research interest is in knowledge discovery from data streams and evolving data. He is the author of more than 200 papers reviewed by peers and author of a recent book on Knowledge Discovery from Data Streams.

Evolving Social Networks: trajectories of communities
In recent years we witnessed an impressive advance in the social networks field, which became a ”hot” topic and a focus of considerable attention. The development of methods that focus on the analysis and understanding of the evolution of data are gaining momentum. The need for describing and understanding the behavior of a given phenomenon over time led to the emergence of new frameworks and methods focused in temporal evolution of data and models. In this talk we discuss the research opportunities opened in analysing evolving data and present examples from mining the evolution of clusters and communities in social networks.

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