James Luke is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Master Inventor. He is the Chief Technology Officer for the UK Public Sector in IBM Global Business Services. He has held several key leadership roles including being Chief Architect for Watson Tools and has over 20 years’ experience in the delivery of machine learning and cognitive systems in IBM. Other roles include Chief Architect for i2 intelligence products and the lead architect for the Text Analytics Group. Prior to joining IBM, he worked as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) consultant with Data Sciences (Data Sciences was taken over by IBM in 1996). In 2003 he completed a PhD with the Image, Speech and Intelligent Systems (ISIS) group of the University of Southampton researching the Application of Intelligent Agents in Information Systems Protection. He is an experienced conference speaker and a keen inventor with many patent applications filed and 8 patents awarded.

How I survived the AI winter (& plan to survive the next one)
James has been delivering Artificial Intelligence solutions that solve real problems for over 25 years. In this presentation, the presenter will dig through the hype and use real examples to explain what it takes to deliver working AI solutions.

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