Andreas Zagos is one of the founders and management partners of the German based Intracom Group. He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering, and is nominated as Guest professor in several Universities/research centers. His research field is since the year 1995 the intellectual property rights management [IPRm], namely patent valuation. He has published several research papers and one patent application. He led several national and European joint research projects in the area of IPR.

How to measure intangible assets – the missing factor for value investing
Intangible assets cover up to 84% of the company value in tech companies. The question is how to measure the intangible assets, namely patents and utiliy models. Intracom will present their indicator based approach on pattern recognition on big data for determining monetary values of patent portfolios – the “IP value factor”. The monetary value was used for backtests on different indexes and the results of those tests will be presented. The “IP value factor” is uncorrelated and generates alpha in sector neutral backtests.

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