Pascale Fung is a Professor of Electronic and Computer Engineering at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She was elected Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers for her contributions to human-machine interactions. She is one of the founding faculty members of the Human Language Technology Center (HLTC) at HKUST, Director of InterACT@HKUST, and the founding chair of the Women Faculty Association at HKUST.

Keynote 1 – Towards Empathetic Human-Robot Interactions
“Sorry I didn’t hear you” may be the first empathetic utterance by a commercial machine. As people increasingly interact with voice and gesture controlled machines, they expect the machines to recognize different emotions, and understand other high-level communication features such as humor, sarcasm and intention. To make such communication possible, the machines need an empathy module – a software system that can extract emotions from human speech and behavior and accordingly decide the correct response. This talk presents our work in the areas of deep learning of emotion and sentiment recognition, as well as humor recognition, using signal processing techniques, sentiment analysis and machine learning. It gives an overview of the future direction of android development and how it can help improve people’s lives.

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