Time: 4 April 12:00 pm.

Presenter: Stephen Nelson-Smith.

Regulatory compliance is unavoidable. But if compliance requirements are specified in a way which can be automatically tested, products and services can be delivered rapidly while still maintaining adherence.  Chef compliance allows infrastructure to be scanned for risks and compliance issues, to classify, prioritise and report on those risks, and to build automated testing and build automated testing and remediation into the delivery pipeline.  With a brand new release scheduled for the end of March, this webinar will give an up-to-date introduction to Chef Compliance, and will provide encouragement to anyone seeking to embed regulatory compliance into the software production line, increasing velocity and scalability.

Stephen Nelson-Smith is Unicom’s Principal Consultant for Agile, Lean and Devops.  An expert on infrastructure automation, he wrote the initial code for Chef’s Solaris support, pioneered the practice of writing and automating tests for infrastructure, and is the author of the seminal O’Reilly book Test-driven Infrastructure with Chef.

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