Michal is an experienced pen tester, ethical hacker, and programmer. Previously, he worked for MalwareMustDie where he assisted in a cybercrime investigation regarding Dendroid Malware Coder. He collaborated with MMD researchers and the FBI resulting in a successful conviction. During his independent security research, he has discovered and reported over 100 critical vulnerabilities and threats in airlines, banks, retailers, governments (White House and Barrack Obama website) and financial institutions systems in the UK, the US, and in Russia.
Hall of Fame Acknowledgments include Sony, Dell, BlackBerry, Apple, Alpha Bank, Barclays Bank, General Motors, Hawaiian Airlines, ESET, SKY TV, McAfee & Intel Security, USCERT (United States Cyber Emergency Readiness Team), Bitcasa Cloud. Michal is also a public speaker and a member of OWASP.