Eva is a lawyer who specializes in cybersecurity and data protection law. She helps businesses to protect their information and counsels clients on a wide variety of matters related to cybersecurity, technology law, trademarks, patents, copyright, data protection and information law. Her ideal role is to serve as an outside member of a company’s team to proactively prepare for and minimize its risks of doing business in the digital environment of today’s modern business world.
Alongside legal work, she assists organizations to meet their information and asset protection, privacy & governance business and compliance requirements in a practical and cost effective manner while helping to maximize the value of their information assets. She creates the right security strategy for the business itself and its clients, completes employee training, conducts assessments in physical and cybersecurity, loss prevention, risk mitigation/business continuity and helps clients to select the right solutions. How she does it is by listening to the critical business process owners to understand the business requirements. She then implements a customized business continuity/disaster recovery plan and cost effective technology solutions to mitigate risk and raise shareholder confidence. Prior to providing the advisory and legal services in cybersecurity and data protection area, Eva Skornickova was very successful in her work as the Chief Legal and Compliance Counsel of multinational companies at both local C-level jobs as well as senior roles in global positions.