David has held a variety of roles in different companies at the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) level and other very senior roles transversally in Cyber-Security for over 16 years, most recently at OCS Group, London City Airport, AT&T, Electronic-Arts, CryptoHeroes, SatoshiCat, among others. Currently he leads a large global cyber-security transformation for a business with more the 100K employees worldwide. He has led various Cyber-transformations, including one enabling the sale of a UK business for £3billion.
He is also involved in the strategy around Blockchain-based technologies, machine-learning, deep-learning, and disruptive innovation surrounding Offensive Cyber-Security and research in the Cyber field in regards to deep-web intelligence, zero-day defense, and critical infrastructure defense. David holds the following certifications: CISSP accreditation, IFCI-500, IFCI-CCI, and CISMP. He has extensive knowledge of ISO 27001:2013, PCI-DSS, Human-Machine Interaction Security (University of Maryland), Hardware Security (University of Maryland), Cryptography (University of Maryland, Information Security and Risk Management (University of Washington), Designing and Executing Information Security Strategies (University of Washington), and Computer and Telematics Engineering Masters (University of Aveiro). David is very passionate about start-ups projects and innovation. He has been on the board of several of these over the years focusing mainly on Cyber and Blockchain-based Technology and as CISO. His interests are travelling, exploring new cultures, nature, bio-engineering, paleontology and good food.