Michalis is the founder and CEO of London headquartered DigitalMR Ltd, a next gen market research tech company. His particular expertise entails social media research and data integration. He has worked with numerous multinational corporations including P&G, Nestle, Coca Cola, Tesco, Citigroup etc. Michalis has experience in multiple sectors from FMCG to Healthcare and automotive. An aerospace engineer by background, he received his business training through courses at Harvard Business School and LBS and has been in marketing research consulting since 1991 and has lived and worked in numerous countries since, including Cyprus, Poland, Hungary, Germany, USA and the UK.


Social Listening & Analytics 3.0
This presentation will briefly describe social listening 1.0 then 2.0 and finally focus on 3rd generation platforms, very few of which are being launched this year. Gen 1: sentiment accuracy of less than 60% and usually only capable of dealing with one language. There was no capability of drilling down into topics, sub-topics and attributes, when they provide sentiment, it is usually at the brand level or search term level; the noise that a user query returns is 80%-90%. Gen 2: a platform that was specifically developed for consumer insights, one that addresses all the shortcomings of 1st generation tools mentioned above. Gen 3: they link sentiment to customer behaviour and customer profiles, they’re purposed to focus more on analysing images, voice and video for sentiment and more granular emotions. They use text analytics to deal with sources of unstructured text other than social listening e.g. email databases, instant messaging, call centre conversations and integrate them to synthesize unique insights. Delegates will learn about: a unique way of doing emotion analytics on social media; the commercial use cases for emotion analytics; how to integrate emotion tracking with other data sources; the latest on image analytics and how text analytics can be enhanced.