Lev, an expert in natural language processing, is a Python and Java developer. Lev has extensive experience working with financial institutions and is RaRe’s manager of open source communities including gensim, an open source machine learning toolkit for understanding human language.


Turn Email into Data with Deep Learning, Plus Other Industry Tasks with Gensim Topic Modeling
I will tell a story of a real industrial project with noisy/missing data, partially defined problem, warts and all. The project was about turning 70 formats of truck routing emails into a structured table. This table became a real asset to the client and could be analysed by their data science department. Our single deep learning model could replace a previous complicated and fragile regular expression solution. I will also describe how our open-source NLP package Gensim has provided business value to clients in other contexts. In particular how to give a birds eye view of the entire corporate text collection using Topic Modelling.