Nursing assistant in hospital, studied Medical Informatics, Lead a WG “Knowledge based Systems in Medicine” (Center for Technology Transfer Bad Oeynhausen), Head of hospital IT, Ph.D. thesis on multilingual text generation for clinical documents, product manager Cardiology IT with Siemens, Clinical Director Clinical Services Philips Healthcare Boeblingen.


Healthcare IT and NLG: Great synergies ahead?
The domain of healthcare can be viewed as a big, text generating enterprise: Clinical notes, findings, reports, protocols and letters are being created incessantly. More often than not, this is largely based on structured data, but still a human has to sit in front of a microphone and dictate. The resulting text is often “mined” for information that was present in the structured data already. The talk focusses on alternatives to this odd state of affairs. Employing Natural Language Generation to create medical documents from structured data seems not too complicated, but it meets a lot of difficulties which, for instance, stock exchange reports or wheather forecasts, are not faced with. Nevertheless, the problem should not be insolvable. A short demonstration highlights that such NLG systems can be built if the task is well understood.