Christophe learned Data Science on Kaggle, ranked as one of the top french Data Scientist. After 10+years of experience in a high tech startup, and 2 years at AXA Data Innovation Lab, he co-founded Zelros, a company specialized in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Christophe is a regular speaker in international conferences (AI with the best, Open Data Science Conference, PyData, …) and he founded FrenchData, an influent think-tank promoting data in France. He also like blogging.


Data Conversation, Reinventing the Analysis Interface
Chatbots and conversational interfaces are the new big thing : they are intuitive, natural, and can be quickly deployed without downloading a new app. Use cases for enterprises are numerous : agenda management, customer support, … During this talk, we will focus on one particular B2B application : how intelligent assistants can reinvent the way analysts and data scientists access and spread advanced data analytics across organizations. We will describe a few scenarios and technological challenges like NLP and NLU in this type of context