Darryl Weaver

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    Darryl Weaver

I am an entrepreneurial technical professional who can manage or work hands on and architect, develop, implement and maintain solutions to problems primarily using open source and scalable web technologies and applying devops principles.
I am equally happy dealing with customers or the board or technical staff. I can translate customer requirements into technical plans and architect solutions. I specialise in open source scalable technologies including techniques on how to write applications that scale easily by good design, including mentoring developers and system administrators.
I have been specialising on Openstack since 2011 and have a deep level of experience using Openstack and helping customers architect deployments of Openstack in production environments.
I have been using Ceph integrated with Openstack in testing and production, I have completed the Ceph Certified Training Course from Inktank through Canonical.
I have used many deployment techniques for Openstack including manual install, puppet, juju, fuel and ansible to orchestrate deployments.

Specialties: Open Source, web application architecture, Cloud Technologies, Openstack, Swift, Ceph, Amazon EC2, Juju, Puppet, Ansible, Fuel, MAAS.