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Unicom Seminars

20 March 2014
Kensington Close Hotel


Published 20/01/2014

Business Process Management requires the business to communicate effectively to align processes with the wants and needs of clients. This in turn requires effective communication and the collaboration of each aspect of the business to provide the most effective solution to the client’s requirements.

Throughout this event we will discuss:

  • What: how to effectively communicate on all levels of the business, how to make sure your organization is accessible across all user platforms, how to tackle BPM issues and how to move forward with change
  • Why organizations are focusing on BPM and Enterprise Collaboration to address their customer needs
  • How the implementation of effective BPM combined with Enterprise Collaboration tools and techniques can help your business to flourish in today’s technology driven society
  • Beneficiaries: The clients of the organizations are the ultimate beneficiaries of improved Enterprise Collaboration and effective Business Process Improvement. It improves efficiency and communication leading to the improved quality of the end line product or service; a better fit to the spec/requirements and in turn a product or service to best match your customer’s needs.

We will focus in particular on the best ways to manage Business Process Improvement and your Enterprise Collaboration system in the current business environment, how to adapt to changes, how to improve the speed and efficiency of your processes, how to improve your internal communication, how to make sure you are accessible from all portable devices and finally how process involvement links to organizational development.

This event is aimed at, but not limited to:

  • Process improvement managers
  • project managers
  • CEOs
  • directors
  • development managers
  • process improvement consultants
  • operations managers
  • logistics managers
  • systems analysts
  • change managers
  • quality control managers
  • strategy managers