Klaus Enzenhofer has over 7 years of experience and expertise in the field of Web Performance Optimization and User Experience Management. In his role at Dynatrace he influences the development of the Dynatrace Digital Performance Management solution. Together with some of the largest companies in the world he works on project leading to DevOps oriented development of new web and mobile applications. He is a regular speaker at technology conferences on Real User Monitoring and Performance related topics and has also written many articles and blogs which have been published in print and online publications.


Continuous Innovation through DevOps Pipelines
To stay competitive and to keep innovating, companies try to deploy faster but does fast mean with high quality or is it just the way to fail fast? A lot of companies can deliver now multiple deployments in a day but is this the end? No DevOps is another milestone in their process of transformation – but not the end. PaaS and New Stack providers see the future in Microservice Architectures that allow continuous deployment. All of this spurs innovation through faster trial and error and allows business to stay out in front of more slowly adapting competitors.

A key success factor in turning the dial up on quality and speed for continuous innovation is the ability to establish accurate measurability of the impact of critical code changes. Both on the end-user satisfaction side, and on the time-to-market and cost side. In this talk we’ll focus on how a metrics and analytics-driven DevOps culture leads to more rapid deployments, higher quality code changes, and faster innovation. You’ll keep your business ahead of your biggest competitor and you in a job with outstanding results!