John Clapham is an independent coach, trainer, speaker and writer. Specializing in DevOps and Agile, he helps teams to build great products, creating an environment which is effective, productive and enjoyable to work in. With broad experience he has built web and enterprise applications in the publishing, telecommunications, commerce, defence and public sector arenas.

Predominantly fuelled by coffee, he occasionally surfaces as @JohnC_Bristol, and has been known to blog at

Agile methods encourage creativity through collaboration – but those ideas, and our responses to others, are filtered through our own perceptions. Most worrisome are the kind of perceptions that we’ve built up and curated over many years, until we are barely aware of them.

Working in groups can improve things, and we’ve learnt to value the wisdom of crowds. But groupthink creeps in with alarming ease, depriving the team of diversity and breadth of experience.

In this session we’ll look at some of the most harmful biases, and introduce a technique that’s delivered effective decision making to many organisations: The Six Thinking Hats.


Agile principles and flow – the easy way!
This session is a fun way to learn agile and DevOps principles and understand how to assist the flow of valuable work between teams. It covers basic principles such as iteration and retrospection before moving onto more advanced topics such as coaching, flow, and the impact of organisational structure.