Claire Goss is a Test Manager in RaboDirect Ireland. RaboDirect is an online savings bank and is a subsidiary of Rabobank International. For 12 years, Claire has worked in various roles in I.T. but the last six years in a testing capacity. Claire is a member of the SoftTest Ireland Committee. SoftTest Ireland is an independent software testing special interest group which facilities and sharing knowledge within the Irish Test Community. She spoke both at the SoftTest 2015 conference and in Maastricht at EuroSTAR 2015.


CASE STUDY: Vendor Management in RaboDirect
In RaboDirect, we work with multiple vendors in the areas of Development and Hardware Infrastructure Management. It’s not only important that we work well with the vendors but that they work well together to deliver successful changes and projects in our Production environment. This talk will step through the lessons learned accumulated from our worldwide RaboDirect offices in working successfully with vendors.