Amit is an Agile Evangelist and his experience includes roles as an Agile Coach and consultant, SAFe Program Consultant, Scrum Master ,Java Developer, Build and release Engineer. He is a Lean thinker and specializes in helping organizations adopt and improve their use of agile processes, techniques to build high-performance teams, Agile Transformation and Scaling. Amit has diverse experience to work in multicultural environment with the top companies across the globe like India, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and Malaysia. He is founder of and speaks in various Agile/Scrum/Lean conferences, webinar, gathering, meet ups.Amit is a SPC, CSP, CSM, SPOC, Management 3.0 Certified, ITILV3 and SCJP.


Agile Coach Camp

Let’s get together for a collective learning experience. You are invited to suggest a high-level topic or a specific need. You create your own agenda to have the talks that are most important to you.

Agile Human/people management : Servant Leadership, Motivation, Performance Appraisals, Conflicts Resolution, Effective Teamwork, Team Empowerment, The Role of Middle Management, How to Organise into Teams …

Agile Organisation change : Challenges in Agile Adoption and Transformation, Technique for Scaling Agile, Cultural and Mindset Change, Agile Testing and Automation, DevOps, Spotify, Tribal leadership, Lean Startup, Agile Anti Patterns, Wastes of Agile Software Development …

Agile Practises : Release Planning, User Story Mapping, Product Backlog Refinement, Story Estimation – Hours or Story Points or Ideal Developer Days

Agile in a Regulated Environment : How to be Compliant, but still Agile