Adrian Skehill is Software Consultant with over 20 years experience building and shipping software products. His clients include Citibank, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and most recently Ryanair. With Ryanair he has helped create the Devops team and the process used to deploy all the Website components. When not in front of his computer, Adrian can be found doing the Dad’s taxi run to local football training sessions and the odd jog around North Dublin.


Infrastructure as Code
Continuous Delivery involves more than being able to build / test & ship your code frequently. You also need to consider the infrastructure that is used to host the application and how it’s managed. Can it be recreated in the event of a disaster? How are changes to the OS, network and security managed? What’s the process for adding new components to support new features in your application?

This session will look at how you can integrate the infrastructure that is used to power your website into your continuous delivery pipeline. We will look at a couple of examples using AWS but building our solution in a vendor neutral way. Leveraging some of Hashicorp Suite of software such as Packer and Terraform we will go through some concrete examples of how to spin up and maintain the infrastructure. All the scripts will be made available in the tutorial so if you have an AWS account you can test the concepts yourself.