DevOps & Microservices Summit: DevOps & Microservices, 10 May 2017, Brussels

Products and services in multiple domains continue to evolve responding to technology changes and shifting market demands.  The domain of Information Systems, computing and business analysis are going through a comparable evolution.  Thus, testing, project management, creation of new services have come together.  To develop and deliver these effectively, we see the convergence DevOps, Testing and Agile.

DevOps now is in its seventh /eighth year of practice but the old architecture is no longer able to support the speed of delivery and so needs the additional help of Microservices for incremental change.  Microservices architecture helps to deliver easy testing, fast and deployments and overall agility.  It is also fairly complex—so to successfully implement Microservices, you need to understand the core concepts behind this approach.   Adopting a new capability requires a plan that includes people, process and technology.

DevOps too is an enterprise capability and as the name suggests development and operation-based way of working that includes stakeholders, business owners, architecture, design, development, quality assurance, operations, security, partners and suppliers.

This one day programme is designed to connect these extensive aspects as well as the challenges.  Expert practitioners and thought leaders will provide information on the implementation and help you to develop your business case.  The day will cover the basic concepts of the Microservices architecture and will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this architecture.   

What will be discussed:

  • Microservices Architecture – Core Concepts
  • Primary benefits, and drawbacks of the Microservices architecture style
  • How Microservices differ from service-oriented architecture
  • Techniques for transforming to a Microservices architecture
  • Service-Oriented Architecture Core Concepts
  • The value of DevOps in an enterprise
  • Changing culture to continuously deliver
  • Change with Containers / Docker
  • Hybrid Clouds and Culture Clash
  • Open source innovations •ChatOps • DevSecOps
  • Tools / Collaborative Tools in DevOps

The speakers at this conference will follow the process from development to production.  They will review the trends and best practices on how to deliver by optimizing the processes with agility and speed.   They will deepen your understanding of Microservices and help to consider the pros and cons if you are thinking of using it in your organisation and if you have already migrated to this architecture, the event will help you select a service architecture to meet the challenges you are facing. 

This event is for you:

  • If you are considering using microservices for your organization and want to deepen your understanding
  • If you are migrating to a microservices architecture but need ideas on coping with issues and challenges
  • If you want to learn about other service-related architecture styles besides microservices
  • This day will engage not just existing DevOps pros, but also managers and executives including •CIOs • CISOs, • Dev & Ops managers, • business leaders and • architects who need to know what changes are needed in enterprise architecture.


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    Keynote: Agile in context: Understanding software systems as ecologies not manufacturing processes

    Dave Snowden, CTO Cognitive Edge

    Too many methods and techniques in software development are simple recipes derived from limited and partially understood cases. They treat the organisation as if it was a complicated machine rather than a highly complex and ever shifting, frequently fragile ecology. This presentation will introduce the award winning Cynefin framework and will introduce ideas from complexity science, biology and the cognitive sciences which allow us to manage conditions of inherent uncertainty.


    Dave Snowden

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    That Dev is stealing my candy

    Daniel Mendes, Software Developer at the European Commission

    Daniel talks about the culture of a public institution like the European Commission and how shifting to this mindset where Ops people are not threatened by developers. The Developers are not trying to take the jobs/candy from the Ops people, but are simply trying to work faster without opening 10 support tickets to do a simple database or configuration change.


    Daniel Mendes


Daniel Mendes

Software Developer at the European Commission

Dave Snowden

CTO Cognitive Edge


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