Richard Rodger is a co-founder of Richard is an expert and thought-leader in next-generation enterprise software delivery, with a focus on Node.js and microservices. He is currently writing The Tao of Microservices (available on early release from, a comprehensive guide to designing and building microservice systems. His first book Mobile Application Development in the Cloud (Wiley, 2010) is one of the first major works on the intersection of Node.js, Cloud, and Mobile.

Richard was previously CTO of Feed Henry, a mobile application platform provider that was acquired by RedHat for €63.5m in 2014.

Since Richard co-founded near Form in 2011, the company has become the world’s largest Node.js and microservices consulting company.

Richard has long been an active member and influencer of the open source software (OSS) community, specializing in OSS for enterprise. At near Form, he has placed OSS at the heart of how the company works. He is the maintainer of, a microservices framework for Node.js that is a key component of near Form’s software development and delivery capability. Richard is the host of the Dublin Microservices Meetup.

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