Designer with extensive experience designing, managing and directing creative production of innovative digital experiences for Multi-National, Big-Data-Driven, Transactional, AR-Enhanced, Conversational and CMS-Based Mobile/ Tablet/ Desktop/ Wearable Applications, IoT, Responsive Websites, Collaborative Environments, Social Networks, and Interactive Multimedia Presentations. Recently worked with HSBC, AkzoNobel, Formula 1, PwC, Digital Catapult, Toothpick, SapientNitro, NatWest, RBS, Vodafone, Ray-Ban, and Lucozade. Helped them better understand their audiences, defined digital channels, redesigned existing experiences, designed new digital products, shaped design teams and made their digital services conceptual, unique, disruptive, yet simple and enjoyable to use.

Data Enhanced UX/UI Design
Delivering habit-forming products is a must for every organisation to succeed. From race prediction experience and providing insights into the relative ease of living a healthy life to hiring the right candidates for restaurants, shops and events. Using and visualising data to enhance user experience can massively help. This talk will present how UX/UI design can communicate data effectively to create engaging data enhanced applications that are built on a solid foundation of data analysis and visualisation.

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