Steve is a widely experienced data guru, having over 25 year’s tenure across multiple industries and technologies. He is a highly experienced leader and communicator across all levels. Previously employed as the Chief Data Scientist at Anomaly42 and prior to that 12 years at American Express, Steve has been engaged in and leading investigations and analysis across Financial Services, Crime, AML, Corruption, and Terrorism. He specialises in delivering results and clarity from the chaos of data.Steve created the first of its kind Customer Crisis Recovery Program and Global AML reporting.

GRSC Data Platform – Making Sense from the Chaos of Data
The GRSC Data Platform was developed to provide a single, comprehensive user-friendly platform to manage huge volumes of disparate data. The platform incorporates the latest security features available; caters for a wide variety of file formats; offersautomatically OCR and Profile ingested data; provides advanced Entity Extraction functionality; has powerful and unique visualisation of data capabilities.

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