Chief Data Scientist and Founder of Look at your Data Ltd, a data strategy company. Passionate about using data properly in business.
I see GDPR as a huge challenge for data strategy but also an enormous opportunity for those who take it seriously.

Graphing the GDPR
Demystifying the GDPR with a graph database. The GDPR is only 99 articles long. These articles refer to themselves 447(!) times. Reading the GDPR is difficult and you can use Graphing to do it more efficiently. For example, article 83 refers to 22 different parts of the regulation: read it last! Which article should you read first? The graph visualisation we create will tell us that and more. I needed to do this because I am not a lawyer and I needed to read the GDPR in an order that made sense. Repeat: I AM NOT A LAWYER. The content is given from a data strategy point of view and whilst it is intended to inform and enlighten, it is not binding.

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