23 March 2018

How to make stunning interactive visualisations and animated data stories

Presenter: Duncan Clark, CEO Kiln, the creators of Flourish

This hands-on workshop will show participants how to use the next-generation Flourish data visualisation and storytelling system to easily produce agency-quality charts, maps, globes, explorers and more.

Making visualisations. Creating interactive visualisations (charts, maps, globes, surveys, etc).
Creating stories. Combining multiple visualisations into an animated story/presentation.
Exporting. Publishing, downloading, and embedding in your own website.
Help with your data. Bring your own data or questions for discussion and expert advice.

Requirements: a laptop for making projects.

Duncan Clark is co-founder and CEO of multi-award-winning data visualisation studio Kiln, the creators of the Flourish data storytelling platform. Before working full-time on visualisation Duncan was a data journalist and consultant editor at the Guardian, an author and publisher (Profile, Penguin Books) and an honorary researcher (UCL).

The workshop pricing is as follows:
Early Bird until 2 Mar – £295 + VAT
Standard Rate – £395 + VAT

For a combined discounted price of the conference “Data Visualization and Business Intelligence” and the workshop, please contact

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