Tarry is a data analytics executive, entrepreneur and AI/ Neuroscience researcher and enthusiast with over 17 years hands-on experience working with data. He is mentor at Coursera’s for the world-renowned Deep Learning specialization developed and taught by Andrew Ng (co-founder of Coursera and Google Brain project) that is currently training 10s of thousands of deep learning and AI enthusiasts. Tarry is currently working on his new book titled “Practical AI / Deep Learning Projects” which is expected to hit the shelves by Q2 2018. He advises corporates and startups to setup and scale data science departments and run meaningful projects.

Deep Learning is back and how enterprises can leverage it!
“Tarry will give a whirlwind tour of the world of deep learning. How it all started — yes, your linear algebra and spherical trigonometry is back. Explore the inner workings of how Deep Learning actually works — how ANNs work and how they still have a long way to go before really understanding how human brain works. Then he will take a practical dive into how companies actually try to put this is practice and create great products and services. And if time permitting he will give a quick tech walkthrough into one of his AI projects from his upcoming book titled ‘Practical AI / Deep Learning Projects’ “

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