Bianca Furtuna is passionate about technology and more specifically areas the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. She is fascinated by the power of data and how we can use the data that is constantly being collected to learn more about the world and to improve our healthcare, education, business processes etc. Bianca has been involved in a wide variety of projects from building robots and autonomously flying drones, to building machine learning models to solve real-world problems. She is very interested in the principles of human-computer interactions and how humans react to robots and intelligent systems.

Keynote: Foundations of Deep Learning, illustrated with use cases
What is the future going to look like? When are we going to reach true Artificial Intelligence? Is the Singularity going to happen? There is a lot of talk today about AI and what it means for human society. Let’s forget about the future for now and focus on what is possible today. We are going to look at the most promising area in AI research, Deep Learning and understand how it fits in the wider picture of Machine Learning. We are going to explore the fundamentals of Deep learning and deep dive into some common use cases to illustrate the applications of the technology in the real world.

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