Barbara Fusinska is a Data Scientist with strong software development background and over than thirteen years of both commercial and academic experiences. Work on her master’s degree dissertation and research activities have brought her focus to the Data Science field.
She believes in the importance of data and metrics when growing a successful business and the significance that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence bring when gaining insights and drawing conclusions. She is passionate about exploring, continually learning and sharing her knowledge via writing and speaking at conferences with the aim of helping others understand the Data Science area.

Networks are like onions: Practical Deep Learning with TensorFlow
Deep learning is the area that wins over the field of Artificial Intelligence. By using libraries like TensorFlow, it is now available to the wider audience. In this tutorial, Barbara will walk the audience through the process of creating several types of neural networks. The session will start with explaining key concepts of deep learning and introducing datasets the computation will be performed on. Along the way, attendees will have the practical opportunity to use TensorFlow to build deep networks, train them and evaluate the results. After the session, participants will become familiar with how to use TensorFlow when shaping the architecture of neural networks. By the hands-on form of the tutorial, the audience will have the chance to gain some firsthand experience of how to apply deep learning to computer vision and natural language processing tasks.

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