Armando Vieira is a Physicist turned into a data scientist. He started working on machine learning after his PhD in Physics in 1997. From the beginning he was an aficionado of Artificial Neural Networks, and recently he is focused on Deep Neural Networks, especially for unsupervised and semi-supervised learning problems. He has more than 50 publications and worked as a Data Scientist consultant on several companies and startups.

Applications of Deep Learning in Business
Despite being a relatively new research field, Artificial Intelligence (AI) history has been shaped by huge expectations and colossal failures. After several stagnation periods or “long winters”, AI is flourishing as impacting business at an unforeseen pace. Behind this success is a technology widely known as Deep Neural Networks or Deep Learning (DL). In this talk Armando summarizes the key elements of DL and why it is such a transformative force for almost every business.

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