Visual Analytics: Making Sense of Big Data

Presenter: Kai Xu, Associate Professor in Data Analytics, Middlesex University

Time: 27 April at 12.30pm BST

In this webinar I will introduce a fast growing field in Data Science called Visual Analytics that integrates data visualisation with analytic techniques such as machine learning and data mining. A use case of analysing Twitter data for police investigation will be used to illustrate the power of this new approach that allows analysts to discover complex insights from large amount of data.


Presenter Bio:

Kai Xu is an Associate Professor in Data Analytics at the Middlesex University. He has over 15 year experience in data visualisation and analytics research in both the academic and industry context. He has extensive experience working with the UK government departments and leading defence companies in data analytics projects and received over £12 million in total research funding. His work has won a few international data visualisation awards.