Webinar Background

Mon, Nov 2, 2015 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM GMT

Speaker: Tom Khabaza

Predictive Analytics assists the achievement of business objectives; a Predictive Analytics Strategy indicates what business objectives are achieved through Predictive Analytics, how they are achieved, and how the business benefits are measured. Many organisations are in need of a strategy for Predictive Analytics. The speaker addresses this need in two ways: by listing and organising the elements which make up such a strategy, and by outlining the activities needed to develop such a strategy in a specific business situation.  Pitfalls in Predictive Analytics Strategy development are illustrated using brief case-studies from several commercial and government organisations.


Tom Khabaza is the Founding Chairman of the Society of Data Miners.  A data mining veteran of over 20 years and many industries and applications, Tom helped create the world-leading Clementine data mining workbench and the industry standard CRISP-DM analytics methodology, and led the first integrations of data mining and text mining.  His recent thought leadership includes the 9 Laws of Data Mining and Predictive Analytics Strategy.