Yury Morozov is founder and CEO of BubbleTone, the first blockchain-based ecosystem for the telecom industry that directly connects end users and mobile operators globally, eliminating the high costs of international roaming. BubbleTone also provides operators with new revenue channels.

For over two decades, Mr. Morozov has been actively involved in telecommunications, creating multiple successful businesses in the sector. He is now Chairman of the Board of a mobile virtual network operator that provides advanced calling solutions to over 240,000 customers for the last 17 years.

More recently, Mr. Morozov founded the BubbleTone mobile messaging app that helps mobile network providers to expand their coverage, increase customer engagement and drive revenue in scenarios where operators would otherwise lose money.

The BubbleTone app, working along with the blockchain-based platform, will enable direct connectivity between end users and mobile operators worldwide with no intermediaries and no interoperator charges.

Blockchain Changes the Telecom Industry
BubbleTone Blockchain in Telecom solves the problems of inequality both for telecom operators and subscribers globally.

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