Developer, archaeologist, IT veteran with 20 years of experience. CEO of Digital Mind Ltd. Developer of VR, AR, web and mobile applications in the fields of marketing, culture and education. Cryptoenthusiast with faith in disruption.

Disrupting the Art World with VR and Blockchain

VR All Art is a groundbreaking platform and a new marketplace for artists, galleries, museums and the general public to exhibit, explore and acquire art in virtual and augmented reality. VR All Art will use our own ArtCoins, a cryptocurrency (utility token) that utilizes blockchain technology to introduce new interactions and features into the world of the art trade, never before possible. The blockchain provides a distributed ledger that is used both for certification of transactions and as a new trading platform for real-world artifacts represented in the blockchain. We are changing the face of the art market and bringing it closer to people, and at the same time, using the blockchain, making art liquid like never before in history.

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