Master of Computer Science, 20 years of experience in business modelling and software architecture. Interdisciplinary acting cross media specialist, musician and producer. Expert level know-how on designing and creating full stack business applications and leading agile software teams. CEO of a software development company and part of the leader board of an international operating consulting company.

Use cases of Blockchain based Business Integration – the Unibright Framework
Unibright is a team of business integration specialists offering a unified framework for blockchain based business integration.

Founded 2017 as a spin-off of the existing consulting company SPO Consulting GmbH (founded 1989), Unibright is the accelerator to bring business integration expertise into the blockchain world. The team consists of software engineers, architects, process specialists, blockchain specialists, testing engineers and use case designers.

The idea of the Unibright framework is to define business integration workflows visually, based on proven templates for different use cases. All needed objects like smart contracts, adatpers to connect to different systems and queries to monitor the ongoing process are then generated automatically.

Unibright is residing in Bingen, Germany.

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