Martin Hart has over 35 years of experience in the IT industry. His experience includes software development, project management and test management. Mr Hart managed the testing of the release schedule for Visa Europe’s Authorisation system, where 4,000 European member banks and three international card schemes rolled out synchronised changes in a “failure is not an option” environment. The experience in achieving the functional and non-functional correctness required to operate an economically critical system that authorises over Euro 1.6 trillion/year in Europe alone is the basis of presenting strategies for the testing of smart contracts. As a principal consultant for TSG Consulting, Mr Hart is advising clients like the Bank of England and Lloyd’s of London.

Testing of smart contracts
Smart contracts operate in a distributed network like Ethereum. Once a smart contract / decentralised application has been implemented and is operational, they are supposed to be uninterruptable. Therefore, a high degree of functional correctness will need to be achieved before releasing smart contracts. This presentation will discuss the challenges and strategies on how to achieve this.

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