♦ 21 years of experience building a wide variety of best-in-class gaming products across multiple industries
♦ Global experience in marketing, public relations and branding, built several acclaimed gaming brands in Europe, Asia and North America
♦ Strong personal network of key decision makers in leading esports and gaming organizations

User Case: Kinguin.io – A $100 million dollar business is transforming to blockchain technology, with internal decentralization and smart contracts.
In 2013 Kinguin started with the belief that gamers should be able to freely trade and monetize their digital property. A belief everyone at Kinguin share with a global community of six million gamers, to date we’ve saved this community more than $150 million USD.

In 2018 Kinguin introduces the future market for gaming, a simply conversational marketplace for smarter players – redefining where, how and what digital goods are monetized. Trade bots with deep community integration will enable trade on social media platforms, where player-to-player trade feel natural and welcomed.

The Event Will Start In