Brian Platz pioneered success and knowledge as a creator, evangelizer, and executive throughout the internet and SaaS boom, and is now helping companies navigate the complexity of the blockchain enterprise movement

Time Travel & Blockchain: Temporal Implications of the Chronological Ledger.
Blockchain brings an array of exciting transactional benefits to companies across the industry spectrum, but rarely are the query advantages realized. In this discussion, Brian will extrapolate on how companies can expose the immutability of time-stamped blocks and reproduce an entire database state at any point in time — with “Time Travel Query.”

Using Blockchain technology, each transaction is time stamped and cryptographically secured as part of a continuous, chronological update to a digital ledger. Each block represents not only a transaction, but the entire database up to that point int time. Dubbed “Time-Travel Query,” the chronological nature of the Blockchain allows applications to retrieve those database instances as of any block. Although this implication may seem secondary or trivial to other Blockchain benefits, the advantages of time travel query are momentous for the application developer.

Brian will discuss general use cases for Time Travel, including: tracking provenance of major bugs, auditing specific application data, backup and restoring database state changes to retrieve information, and tracking data integrity through the temporal lens.

Temporal applications of blockchain are rarely included in the discussion of practical utility, but they will surely become the most impactful factor in time-saving, cost-cutting, and data-backup for enterprises adopting Blockchain.

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