Dedicated 15-year career defining strategies to deliver value-driven solutions to public and private sector clients, and drive revenue growth for IBM and Accenture.

Cyber Security, Blockchain, Healthcare IT systems assurance and Open Technologies subject matter expert recognized for providing thought, technical, and project leadership to commercial and public sector clients in minimizing organizations risks and strengthening information privacy.

Results-driven business development leader with proven success in identifying opportunities, presenting and advocating value-proposition of solutions, capturing contracts, developing new service offerings, and achieving high customer satisfaction.

Strong technical project manager skilled in gathering and defining requirements, formulating delivery approaches, designing end-to-end architecture, and driving the on-time and within budget of delivery of innovative solutions with strong ROI.


Cybersecurity and Privacy | Cognitive Cyber | Blockchain| Healthcare IT | Consulting Engagement Delivery Management | Information Systems Assurance | Pursuit Management & Business Development Proposal Design New Service Design & Go-To-Market Strategies

Is Blockchain secure?
In the absence of generally accepted standards and regulations, the state of blockchain application development invariably is akin to the wild west. Given the uncertainties and massive volatility with associated blockchain applications, specifically, cryptocurrencies, which has turned many of many heads to think that we are the precipice of the next evolution of the “Internet”, digital currencies and its societal and global economic impacts.

As industry makes forays into developing practical triple bottom-line applications around the disruptive technology, entrepreneurs, developers, enterprises should ask a very important question: “Is Blockchain as secure as it appears to be?” Under the ever-increasing pressure of the potential regulatory requirements, the industry as a whole need to embrace fundamental cybersecurity hygiene techniques as we implement, adopt blockchain or associated cryptocurrency implications? This talk discusses using risk management frameworks and cybersecurity assurance standards into a blockchain development lifecycles. The speaker will discuss blockchain use cases and how to employ cybersecurity practices. That is, adopting cyber risk management principle, introducing threat modeling, designing for privacy, depth in defense rigors while assessing against threat vectors, in order to enable blockchain adoption.

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