Blockchain technology today forms the basis of on-line secure ledger/settlement system. Blockchain is gaining momentum since it has multifaceted applications and is moving towards mainstream adoption. The global Blockchain technology market is predicted to rise from $210m in 2016 to $2.31bn by 2021. In this two day event, tutorial followed by multi-speaker summit, leading venture capitalists and angel investors will examine the emerging Blockchain technology and its contributions to on-line secure settlement system in multiple industry sectors.

Blockchain has many applications – in supply chains, healthcare, global monetary systems, financial technologies, energy trading, music, electronic record authentication, delivery of Government services and many more. As a result the Blockchain technology is expected to have significant impact on various industries and so it is critical for stakeholders to formulate careful legal and business strategies around this new business models as the technology and infrastructure, as well as the corresponding market appetite and regulatory structures, evolve rapidly in disparate global markets.

Attend this event and earn GARP/CPD credit hours.

UNICOM has registered this program with GARP for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits. Attending this program qualifies for 14 GARP CPD credit hours. If you are a Certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM®), please record this activity in your Credit Tracker.


Day one comprises a series of high-level tutorials and day two is a multi-speaker conference featuring presentations and interactive discussions.

In these two days our speakers who are subject experts will examine and analyse the impact on various industries, the challenges and opportunities that Blockchain presents. Presentations from thought leaders, interactive panel discussions and solution-based case studies will focus on learning and building partnerships in the emerging Blockchain space.

Day One -Tutorials: Presented as top-level tutorial based: ICOs & Cryptofinance track, exploring regulation, ICO tools, and changing venture capital models.
What Blockchain systems can do
Understanding how Blockchain applications are built
Benefits of Blockchain technologies
Crowdfunding vs ICOs – risks and challenges
Digital exchanges – digital tokens into fiat currency
Regulatory and legal implications of Blockchain technology
Investing in cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrencies – an exact measure of value
Investing in Blockchain technology

Day Two – Conference: Developing Blockchain Applications and Technologies: This day will look at a variety of platforms and services from start ups to cloud providers, including developer networks, applications and APIs as well as the impact on legal, finance and government sectors with smart contracts, insurance, payments and more.

Topics to be covered include:

The public sector services and Blockchain
Understanding Blockchain Technologies & Markets
Smart Contract management and Innovations
ICO and crowdfunding
Regulation and Legal implications in Blockchain
Blockchain Challenges in Banking
Data Protection and Blockchain
Investing in cryptocurrencies
How to develop scalable solutions
Building in security around regulatory compliance and accountability
Issuing financial securities on a blockchain
Blockchain from the investor’s perspective
Trading in crypto assets
smart-contract-based legal agreements
Will 2018 be the year when distributed ledgers go mainstream?
Key Challenges

Industries who will benefit:

Banking & Financial services
Government sectors
Real Estate
Construction Industry
IT services
Venture Capital
Exchanges, Clearing houses & Remittances
Payment Processing, Mining
Cyber Security
Bitcoin Wallets, Exchanges
Legal Advisory
Consulting & Advisory

Who should attend:

Head of Digital Strategy
Head of Innovation
CEOs, CTOs, COOs, CIOs & VP’s
Managing Directors
Business Development & Business Analysts
Procurement officers
Product Development
Blockchain specialists from Banks
Financial Institutions
Global Heads
CA’s, Authors & Editors
Technology Strategy Leaders
Solution and Enterprise Architects
Venture Capitalists and Angel
Anyone interested in learning how to use Blockchain technology to transform businesses

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Call for Participation

We are looking for speakers [thought leaders, subject experts and start up entrepreneurs] to share their knowledge and enthusiasm about their work and their vision in the field of Blockchain. Please complete the speaker’s response form and submit a proposal to present at this event.



Douglas Azar

CEO, Wealthinitiative

Daniele Bernardi


Peter Bryant

COO, Farma Trust

Lili Cizelj

Business Intelligence Manager

Prozorov Danila


Breanna Faye

Experience Design Lead, rLoop

Sebastian Förste

German Attorney at Law, WINHELLER Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

Dan Gailey

CEO and Founder, Synapse

Vitomir Jevremovic

CEO, Digital Mind Ltd

Adrian J. Gallo

Midas Technologies

DH Kim

Chief Strategy Officer of Finhaven Technology

Ivan Kurnavin

Community manager

Pascal Lauffer

CEO, FIMAT - BlockChain Financing

Juan David Mendieta

CEO and Co-founder, Keyrock

Peter Mitchell

Attorneys, Baker& McKenzie, Zurich

Yury Morozov

BubbleTone Blockchain

Christopher Murrer

Attorneys, Baker& McKenzie, Zurich

Zsolt Németh


Brian Platz

CEO, Fluree, PBC

Luka Prelevic

Co-founder,Energy Premier

Sascha Ragtschaa

CEO Chainium

Kim Rom

Chief Gaming Officer, Kinguin Limited

Stefan Schmidt


Petar Tsankov

Research Scientist at ETH Zurich / Co-Founder, ChainSecurity AG, Zurich

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Previous Programme

  • 09:00 -

    Keynote: Blockchain, the (im)possibilities

  • 09:45 -

    Keynote: 6th Blockchain Revolution & Economics of Abundance

  • 10:15 -

    Healthcare on Blockchain

  • 10:45 -

    Introduction to sponsors and supporting bodies. Tea and Coffee break

  • 11:15 -

    Making Distributed Ledger Technology a Success within Organizations.

  • 11:30 -

    Techruption Consortium Blockchain

  • 11:45 -

    ICOs and token sales: the use and the impact of blockchain as fundraising mechanism

  • 12:00 -

    Evolution of IT infrastructure. How to buy cryptocurrencies in 2018-2019

  • 12:30 -

    Foodcoin Ecosystems

  • 12:50 -


  • 13:50 -

    Panel Session: Disruption Concern: Legacy…IPR / Data Ownership….Changing Culture.

  • 14:30 -

    Permission to Blockchain: The emergence of industry grade Blockchains through permissioned Blockchain

  • 14:45 -

    Service Enabled Commercial Real-Estate

  • 15:00 -

    Tea and Coffee break

  • 15:20 - – Home of eSports

  • 15:30 -

    Blockchain in financial services and regulation: Point of no return

  • 15:45 -

    Legal And Fiscal Aspects Of Investing In Cryptocurrencies.

  • 16:00 -

    Artificial intelligence to simplify your life

  • 16:15 -

    "Untroubling" SME financing in Asia and Europe.

  • 16:30 -

    Lightning Talks: FlockChain, Humaniq; eLoop

  • 17:00 -

    Close of conference. Drinks reception


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  • Hilton Zurich Airport, Hohenbühlstrasse 10, 8152 Opfikon, Switzerland

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