While ALM has been around for a while, companies need to keep up-to-date with innovations and with useful ways to couple ALM with DevOps and Agile, for example. At the same time both new and established adopters can greatly benefit from other businesses’ experiences.

The event takes a primarily case-study-approach to ALM, showing how to implement it successfully and address possible challenges. Attendees will get the chance to learn from ALM adopters and experts, but also to interact with them. Especially, the high number of examples will make it easier to identify similarities and differences in real-life scenarios, thus boosting the thought-provoking and learning value of the conference for each attendee.

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This conference is co-located with the CMMI Institute Conference and DevOps Summit London – Next Generation DevOps, so delegates can take advantage of the synergy between topics. Participants are welcome to choose to attend any sessions across these events.

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Intended Audience
Application Lifestyle Management for Today’s Business Requirements is aimed at, but not limited to:

  • project managers
  • change managers
  • software developers
  • software testers
  • ALM managers
  • release managers
  • cloud platform developers
  • application developers
  • systems developers
  • business analysts
  • IT consultants
  • software engineers
  • solutions directors


  • Joint plenary keynote with DevOps and CMMI Conference.
    kirk botula 059 medium
    CMMI: Making the World Work Better
    Kirk Botula, CEO, CMMI Institute
    Plenary Keynote: Don't Kill My Brand

    Tony Grout, Skype

    Every large organisation talks about wanting more agility and innovation. So why is it so hard to get innovation to market? Tony talks about how when some organisations brand alone is worth more than a trillion dollars it's easy to create an ecosystem that kills the agile mind set. He also talks about some ideas to drive around it and some on-going challenges.

    Sponsors' introduction
    Tea and Coffee
  • Programme
    Programme Chair: Mark Smalley, ASL BiSL Foundation
    Chairman's Introduction
    Do ALM the Dutch Way

    Mark Smalley, ASL BiSL Foundation

    A long-standing Dutch ‘IT custom’ is to organize IT management abound a combination of three interconnected frameworks that cover span the business, ALM , and IT operations. This presentation show you how to use BiSL, ASL and ITIL to close the whole IT value circle, ensuring that everything starts from, and ends with, the business.

    Keynote - What’s the future of ALM? Enabling velocity without compromising on quality

    Toby Marsden, Head of ADM and DevOps Business Development, HP Software Professional Services

    The world has changed. Mobile and the Consumerization of IT has placed enormous demands on IT by the business. So how do you embrace the digital age without making a mess? Toby Marsden will explore the concept of enabling “DevOps by Design” across all of your projects and looks at the future of ALM including how we might incorporate the use of big data capabilities to enable predictive analytics to improve delivery further.

    Panel: All of the above morning speakers form this panel and participate in a Q&A discussion
    Ian Bio200
    ‘Agile in offshore –WooHoo or BooHoo’?

    Ian Southward, Arrk Group

    This talk will be a practical examination of Agile used in offshore projects and how things go wrong and how to get them right.  It will explore how to overcome the challenges in offshore software development created by distance, differences in language and culture, how to fix things that go wrong.  The talk will provide a clear list of Do’s and Don’ts for the practitioner.

    ALM in the cloud? Customer decision points

    Giles Davies, Microsoft

    Microsoft’s on premise ALM solution is Team Foundation Server, with the corresponding cloud based ALM service being Visual Studio Online. This session will briefly introduce these solutions before looking at the factors that influence customer’s decisions about being on premise or in the cloud. This will include the advantages of the cloud, questions around data integrity and location, advantages in commercial models and capability differences.

    From ALM to DevOps: A strategic and tactical path towards operational speed, App stability and business growth

    Bola Rotibi, Research Director, Creative Intellect Consulting Ltd.

    The dynamics of business and software development are different, however, through ALM, Software delivery teams can maximise their resources and capabilities to ensure that they are a valued contributor to the business growth strategy in a timeframe that is both acceptable and achievable.

    In this presentation, industry analyst, Bola Rotibi, will talk about why ALM is a necessary and important requirement for the delivery of better software applications that offer positive benefits to the business bottom line and goal outcomes. The presentation will also cover key trends and a strategy for implementation and how ALM has evolved to become more agile in focus and delivery. The synergies between ALM and ensuring the effectiveness of the developer and Operational workflow (DevOps) will also be outlined.

    Ultimately ALM recognises the need for governance and management within the development process and lifecycle whilst addressing the requirements for faster delivery, better quality and greater end-user satisfaction with deployed applications and solutions i.e. better software

    Tea and Coffee Break
    PaulNielsen (1)
    Addressing Cybersecurity Early and Throughout the Lifecycle

    Paul Nielsen, Software Engineering Institute      

    Developers should consider the entire lifecycle -from design through sustainment- when architecting and building software, because software often lives on long after initial development. Today, cybersecurity is an increasingly important attribute of software in development and operation and must be considered in all phases of the lifecycle.

    Killing Products, the sharp end of ALM

    Joanna Newman, Ericsson

    People never seem to talk about sunsetting projects in ALM, and in an DevOps context it is particularly hard as other workflows might be dependent on very specific transactions. However we do know that all applications will reach end of life, eventually. In this session we’ll talk about proactive ways to “End of Life” or “End of Supported Life” a product or version, share our experiences (good and bad) and hopefully come away with some ideas on making this element of your process simpler.

    Panel: All of the above afternoon speakers form this panel and participate in a Q&A discussion
    Drinks reception sponsored by HP



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