Alexis joined BNP Paribas more than 17 years ago. Alexis excelled in different roles within Investment Banking: from team leader to project manager to Head of Organisation team, always driving changes within the organisation, supporting business growth and industrializing the setup.

He became Head of Lean Paris after ~25 Lean/Lean IT/Agile transformations across Europe between 2010 and 2014. Managing the change in this organisation is more than an activity for Alexis, it is now a passion that drives his motivation at a daily basis. He joined BNPParibas Asset Management in 2016 to launch Agile Transformation Program based on his previous Transformations experience, the objective being to create a full Taylor made transformation without pitfalls and errors in order to maximize transformation impact at all level of the organisation. The key factors of successes for Alexis are: team work, teams contexts, flexibility and agility associated with positive coaching model in order to create an engaging dynamic for everyone.