I am a coach, a philosopher and a thinker, a storyteller and a bit of a nut.

Learning and improving is part of my DNA. To me that’s what agile software development is all about.

With 30+ years of comprehensive experience in all things related to software development, and having been the Agile Advocate in and for my teams since laying eyes on the Agile Manifesto, I am now looking to become a full time agile team coach.

‘No’ your way to trust
For a team to become truly agile and achieve a high level of performing, trust is an essential ingredient. Having worked hard to improve my self-trust, I’ve come to realize that — perhaps counter-intuitively for many — being able and willing to say ‘no’ is essential if you want to increase your self-trust and trustworthiness.

In this session you will get a good sense of how often you actually say ‘no’, sometimes without using the word, during the activities that you engage in on a day-to-day basis. I will discuss how avoiding saying ‘no’ affects trust, and how saying ‘no’ usually plays out and what that does to trust levels. I will then explain William Ury’s structure for a ‘Positive No’ and how you can apply that to any situation in which you want or need to say ‘No’ in such a way that trust levels are affected positively, and that your relationship with the person you say ‘No’ to is preserved and perhaps even strengthened.

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