Arnab is a tech savvy, innovator at heart and has played the role of Continuous Delivery Specialist, Agile Coach & Solution Architect with TATA Consultancy Services for various multi-national customers. Dreams, Believes and Implements ideas which is demonstrated by mutiple patents held by him, open source contributions and has helped organizations reap benefits.

Agility & Agile Architecture
It’s a delicate act of balancing when Agile Delivery Model and Architecture have to go hand in hand. Join in to unravel the answers to where and which architects be placed in an Agile organization, is the architecture defined aligned to the agile delivery model and more… Talk Description Architectures is always associated with creating a full (and large) blue print of the concept, both in IT and Business. In an agile world where we target to bring the concept to cash time to minimum. There is challenge to achieve the right balance. The talk covers following aspects of agile architecture: • Architecture governance: What are different architecture roles in agile model to keep it nimble but relevant. Should architects be part of teams or outside? • Architecture artifact: What kind of architecture artifacts makes sense in scale agile delivery model ? How can concept to implementation design be traced? • Agile Architecture: Are all architecture suitable for agile delivery model? Is there an agile architecture?

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