Leanne Page



Digital Project Director/Continuous Improvement Lead and lecturer Leanne Page has 8 years experience in commercial, government and international projects. Leanne brings operational expertise that spans a broad range of functional and technology areas in such verticals as digital, energy, finance, events and communication. Her role as a lecturer in Project Management for Fitzwilliam Institute at Kings College London is a highlight and fundamental in her quest for expanding people’s awareness in different ways of working.”I love the impact that can be made on an individual and teams in furthering their career and helping to clear which may be standing in their way” Leanne is a firm believer of learning through experience and learns well this way herself, ‘good or bad staying true to who we are through our journey is the key to making agile work’.

Failure, what does it really mean and how can we learn from it? The journey of learning of how to be Agile can be a challenge, not only in a world that is becoming digital but also a world that is dramatically changing the way it does business to be fit for the 21st Century and beyond. As people, how do we respond and synchronise with this change? And how do we best implement new ideas with confidence and courage? In her interactive talk, Leanne will share her challenges with agile and work with you to look at different ways to which failure points can be leveraged, to create new practical ways in implementing Agile in the marketing and advertising industry.

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