Graham Marsh

Ivar Jacobson International


Graham has over 15 years of experience in the software development industry, particularly within UK Government. He has led teams and helped companies in the design and implementation of change programs to improve their software development capability. Graham is also highly skilled and experienced in use-case driven requirements management, along with agile development methods including Scrum, user stories and agile estimating and planning techniques. He is also a certified Scrum Master. Graham has presented to both the SEI European and North American Software Engineering Process Group conferences on process improvement in the area of software development measurement and analysis.

In some cases user stories are enough, but not when the number of user stories begins to grow, or when you develop enterprise systems for banks, insurance, telecom operations, defense or other large scale or regulated industries. The answer is Use-Case 2.0 – the agile way of doing use cases. Use-Case 2.0 ‘slices-up’ use cases to provide an iterative agile approach that can provide just-enough information as needed or can be zoomed-in for more detail. This session explores how Dutch Railways kept development on track and delivered the right level at the right time by applying Use-Case 2.0 with help from Ivar Jacobson International and DiVetro.

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